20 12, 2015

Ouch! Winter Hits Hurt

By |2017-01-22T15:42:25-08:00December 20th, 2015|Garden|

Down here in the foothills of San Diego its not unusual to see temps dip below freezing on some nights... in February. Unfortunately, during the last three weeks of autumn almost every night has dipped into the low 30's (and some nights into the 20's). Most of my subtropicals can survive a few nights of frosty weather, but not weeks of it. Pretty much everything is now fried. Fried plant gallery Now I'll just have to whack it  [keep reading...]

20 08, 2015

Late summer harvest

By |2015-08-16T13:26:24-07:00August 20th, 2015|Garden|

Summer still has a month to go, but the garden is starting to look tired. All the heat and sun has the spring plantings kicking out their last. I won't be planting anything new until mid-September when fall crops will have a better chance of surviving. In the meantime, I'm happy that we're still harvesting grapes, tomatoes, squash, peppers, lemons and limes.

16 08, 2015

Best Pepper Pickling Recipe

By |2021-06-12T15:11:09-07:00August 16th, 2015|Garden, Recipes|

Pickling peppers is easy and a great way to store your bounty long after the season is gone Pickling peppers is super easy and tasty too I grow a ridiculous amount of peppers every year. Hot, sweet, large, small, round, bell, horn — if it's a pepper, I'm probably growing it somewhere in the garden. In order to have some for the winter I do a lot of pepper freezing, drying, canning, and of course, pickling. Over the  [keep reading...]

5 07, 2015

How the Herb Garden Grows

By |2015-07-05T09:52:11-07:00July 5th, 2015|Garden|

In early March I decided to create an herb garden by rounding up a bunch of plants that were growing wild in various locations around the yard. To start I moved a catnip seeding, some oregano and a parsley volunteer. A month later I added some thyme, summer savory and a sage. And a month after that I added a tomatillo volunteer and and a marjoram shoot I found. At some point in May, a Blue Jay decided  [keep reading...]

21 06, 2015

Perlette Table Grape

By |2015-07-05T09:41:02-07:00June 21st, 2015|Garden|

I bought a dozen 1 year old table grape vines from Peaceful Valley Farms last year (a real deal at just $5 a vine). Last year they didn't do much. I let them run wild and get established. This past winter I pruned and trellised them and have tried to keep them trained on the trellis. Looks like the work is paying off. This is a bunch of Perlette table grapes. I've also got Concord and Black Monukka clusters ripening  [keep reading...]

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